Personal Expression Through Style

Personal Expression Through Style


          I love those moments when I’m out in public and a person compliments on my bracelet I’m wearing... to be followed by a quick gasp, suddenly realizing there’s a bullet casing on my bracelet.  Weather the gasp be of admiration or question-ability it’s a compliment that what I’m wearing is something unique.  It’s a direct reflection of myself and my values.  Richard Eberhart, Poet once said, “style is the perfection of a point of view.”  My point of view, a very opinionated one at that is pro second amendment.  When I’m able to create bullet jewelry and then wear them, that’s the truest form of expression.  I love creating in depth conversions especially when it comes to the firearm industry.  I love challenging questions about everyday carry preferences or gun control advocates who close mindlessly attempt to argue.  Each moment is an experience to shed more positive light on the gun community as a whole, and to evolve myself into a better me.  Because every time one questions my weird outfits or opposes my bullet jewelry I get to know who I am and what I stand for even more.  Style is more than overpriced name brand clothing, it’s wearing a handmade gift because someone you love made it for you, it’s wearing stripes with plaid because you don’t frankly care what people say about matching.  Style is a freedom that no one can take nor grant, it’s created from within and that’s why I created Southern Bullets.    

          Creating a business that encourages a wearable form of art that supports the second amendment is my greatest form of personal expression.  Crafting something from wild ideas with your hands is rewarding and sharing that experience with others is called a purpose.  I encourage everyone to create what they love weather by hand or machine, build a company and a life worth expressing cause at the end of the day the path you’ve chose to walk is the one you’ll look back on. 

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Great ? press. God bless your many purposes for a good life.

Diane Seneca

Great job, love the way you write very inspirational I look forward to you next one, keep up the good work.

Ear Plug Guy

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